Jun 19, 2014

felt sculpture

yesterday I worked on sculpture
getting some of my artworks to the finishing stage for my next exhibition

the natural vegetation dye and the natural black fleece did not really come out very well in this photo.
they are actually vibrant in colour and strong in form.


Jun 18, 2014

music and the moonlight

music and the moonlight

the solar power is a little lacking here in winter, and so the electricity and technology is limited at our earth house in the bush.  

the darkness of winter seeps into us and everything we do

we like that we live this way
gently on the earth
with the seasons

right now
we like the short days
the wood fire
we see the fullness of the moon at night
and there is always music

Jun 17, 2014

really looking

This morning walking in the bush where I live.

Just looking at that light through the trees.

Its so close to the shortest day solstice here, and great for contemplating the light at each end of the day.

Can you see dog?

Going to open my shop again today, drop by if you like.

Jun 11, 2014


I have entered four artworks in the Market Art Winter Exhibition this year.

 Night time sentinels

 Quiet Calm

Moonlight through the trees

Autumn Light