Jun 19, 2014

felt sculpture

yesterday I worked on sculpture
getting some of my artworks to the finishing stage for my next exhibition

the natural vegetation dye and the natural black fleece did not really come out very well in this photo.
they are actually vibrant in colour and strong in form.



Els said...

so taking pictures is harder for you than making wonderful felts .... ;-)

t said...

Hi Els
Yes, it is. I spend 90% of my time developing and making my art. and sometimes there is just not enough hours in the day for photography as well.


Yvette said...

this is the place where i CAN comment

love the beauty you make and are!

Helen said...

OO you're back posting! Wonderful! I always enjoy seeing your work. The colours and shapes are so inspirational.

Velma Bolyard said...

hi teresa,
it's ben ages since i've checked in, and here you are. admittedly i'm writing to you two months later that your last post, but i wanted to say "hey". i hope you are well and happy.