Feb 5, 2013

light through the trees

 today its the trees

 each day I have been watching the light through the trees as the sun goes down

that very bright white glow that makes you squint, its so bright

seeing detail silhouetted in light

highlights the curves and twists of the tree trunks.

the shinny grass in the foreground

and the rest of the forest dimmed

a few weeks ago - the sky
the clouds
the wind

and then more flow
this time a sort of disconnected flow
broken lines

with just a little random stitch here and there


Jacky said...

I love that little bit of random stitch.....
and those felted pieces of imagery around your home are wonderful.

You have been busy.

Jacky xox

Els said...

You create beautyful artwork T !
(I think I love the trees best ... but the round one with the stitching is also very intriguing !)

Annette said...

These are so peaceful, glorious works..

Gardener in the Distance said...


jude said...

beautiful new work!

t said...

thank you jacky, els, annette, vaisal, and jude.
thanks for your words.


Tammie Lee said...

lovely to see what you are working on
and to imagine you squinting into the light ~

Maria said...

I love, love, love the light in the trees, and the other pieces are gorgeous as well. You really capture the feeling.

t said...

Hey thanks Tammie Lee, some things just strike a chord somehow.

And thanks for your compliments Maria.