Mar 5, 2013

ripples on the water

Have been watching the ripples on the water
How they form perfect rings
then dissipate 

this photo does not actually capture the ripples growing on still water
the dog was swimming in the water and making other ripples and currents.

the rings of water I have been watching are the ones on glassy water
in still water
on a still day when there is not even a breath of wind.
they are made by a dragonfly dipping into the water
or a fallen leaf

I will try and photograph them next time I am watching them.

ripple in felt inspired by ripples on water.

Feb 28, 2013

the dry salt lake

I arrived in darkness
and woke up on the shores of a dry salt lake

a beautiful vista
of cloud filled sky
enormous sky
and sun filtered through distant cloud

a dry waterline marked a ring of darkness
an expanse of salt crusted and cracked surface
shadows in the earth
and shadows in the sky

Feb 14, 2013

morning light

looking closely at light

filtered light

the morning sky spoke volumes about light the other day
shining through the gaps
highlighting the edges of the clouds
casting shadow on the low heavy rain clouds.

ah yes, it looked hopeful
but not a drop of rain landed here.

there was reflected light
ripples of light reflected in water
gentle curves of light and dark that elegantly flow outward
then disappear.

Feb 5, 2013

light through the trees

 today its the trees

 each day I have been watching the light through the trees as the sun goes down

that very bright white glow that makes you squint, its so bright

seeing detail silhouetted in light

highlights the curves and twists of the tree trunks.

the shinny grass in the foreground

and the rest of the forest dimmed

a few weeks ago - the sky
the clouds
the wind

and then more flow
this time a sort of disconnected flow
broken lines

with just a little random stitch here and there