Jan 16, 2013


Have been getting back into the flow of things again  after the holiday season.

Here I am concentrating on one dimensional felt art,
And playing with colour

Using some commercially dyed wool and alpaca fibers again,
Back to the roots of where I was around ten years ago.
and am finding that these colours combine with my hand vegetation dyed fibres
to resemble what is in this landscape.  So vivid in all may art work.

Most of the commercially dyed fibers are bright,
And so the hand vegetation dyed  fibers tone them.

For about four years I was a purist,
only using wool and alpaca that I had hand dyed with plentiful and abundant native vegetation from around where I live. 
Just combining vegetation dyed fibers with natural black coloured sheep and alpaca fleece.
I love the rawness of this combination, and the blended graduation between the two colours. 
And how well it depicted place in my Distinction and Dissimilarity exhibition last year.

In the last five years I have I hand dyed all my own threads with native vegetation as well
and completed some unique stitched works
I have one on the go now, but its very slow to progress.

I also hand dyed many old cream blankets
and hand stitched the holes in them in a random way with my hand dyed threads
to celebrate their history

I have weaving local native vegetation fibres to complete a number of beautiful baskets, I love the quietness of weaving and often find myself being pulled toward it.

Although for about the last four years I have mainly concentrated on felt sculpted vessels using bush sticks and grass, and am still developing these sculptures further, and have some interesting sketches evolving.

Some of my native vegetation hand dyed wool is not very sun fast, and the fading is acceptable in some cases, and in some circumstances it adds to the art work. 
However, in some other art works it detracts from them greatly. 

To be pulled in so many directions, felt art, felt sculpture, weave, stitch.
Diverse and yet all textile and fibre art.
Mostly contemporary

I do work most of my art in felt.

And I like to have strong colour in my felt art work.  And graduations of colour.
The surprise of seeing the felt art finally on the floor finished
after days of laying out dry fibres.

And so I am playing with colour and texture.
Just using whatever I have
Seeing what evolves and where it leads.

You could say I am having fun.

Here is the last large felt art that I made just a couple of weeks back.
I am thinking about energy and flow.
It is about 2 meters x 1.3 meters.

It is still wet on the floor in this photo and so it looks a bit darker than now, I must set it up and take a good picture of it.


Vireya said...

Wow, that's amazing!

Jacky said...

I love the energy of this piece created with your natural dyed fibres and commercially dyed....it works so well; and yes, the commercially dyed colours are toned down perfectly with the naturally dyed. amazing how beautifully they all meld.

Jacky xox

susan christensen said...

Good to see what you are up to
And this piece certainly is about flow.
I would say you are having fun. Yes.

jude said...

i think flow is better expressed in a large piece.

t said...

Thank you Vireya, Jacky, Sus, and Jude, so good to hear from you all.


Lisa said...

good to see you back again!
i love how the natural fibers present the dyes too...
lots of energy here for sure!