Mar 5, 2013

ripples on the water

Have been watching the ripples on the water
How they form perfect rings
then dissipate 

this photo does not actually capture the ripples growing on still water
the dog was swimming in the water and making other ripples and currents.

the rings of water I have been watching are the ones on glassy water
in still water
on a still day when there is not even a breath of wind.
they are made by a dragonfly dipping into the water
or a fallen leaf

I will try and photograph them next time I am watching them.

ripple in felt inspired by ripples on water.


Annette said...

YOu are certainly capturing the essence of the ripples.. nice

Tammie Lee said...

lovely of you to be inspired by the rings in the water to your gorgeous felt piece! Lovely day and beyond to you~

t said...

yes, and there is so much in just looking annette.

well, thank you tlee, and a bright and beautiful day back to you.


yvette said...

changed and not, your blog.
like you
i like you a lot
i fell in love with your art and your visions


Els said...

Ha T, I know this silent pleasure of watching ripples in quiet water too, as there is water next to our garden ;-)
Lovely felt !

Penny Berens said...

Even more beautiful felted. Gorgeous.

t said...

Hey thanks yvette, els, and penny.