Mar 3, 2012

The opening

The opening of my exhibition"Distinction and Dissimilarity"  was very successful last Thursday evening.

Lots of people came along to the exhibition opening and I had many very positive comments about my artwork, as well as some sales.  

Many of the people at the exhibition understood the vegetation around Bendigo and could relate to the story and appreciate the subtleties expressed in the upright fibre and felt sculptures.

Petrus Spronk did a fantastic job of opening the show with a wonderful story and it was enjoyed by everyone.

It is great to have a solo exhibition  at the LaTrobe Visual Art Centre in Bendigo, located opposite the Bendigo Regional Gallery inView Street.  And it was wonderful working with Paul and Gail to bring the show together, and work with Petrus setting the show out.

I also need to thank Pamela and Wes at  Mandurang Valley Winery, for supporting the exhibition with their excellent selection of wine.

Here are a few photographs from the opening night.

 the Access Gallery entrance

 Paul Northam and I chatting about the show

A view inside the gallery with some of the crowd


Sweetpea said...

Ahhh, you look just lovely, T, and I am so very, very happy for you on the beautiful outcome of time spent in the making of this important work.

Martine said...

so happy for you the opening worked out so well Teresa. You deserved it for all the hard work.
Wish i could have been there with you.

Penny Berens said...

Congratulations T. How I wish I could have been there. Would so love to be in the same room as your wonderful sculptures and vessels.

jude said...

wow, you look great all dressed up! congrats!

susan christensen said...

Congratulations, T - the space looks really lovely and sets off your pieces to great advantage. Thank you for sharing the opening with us. -sus

Lisa said...

Congratulations T.. you are positively glowing from the inside out..I am so happy for you that opening night was a smashing success. Would love to see some more shots of your pieces..

T said...

Thanks Lisa, it was a very intense work period to bring all the artwork together, but worth it.

Thanks Martine, it was a good night, and I am very happy with it.

Thanks Penny, if only you all had wings hey. I know that you would have all been there.

Thanks Jude, it was nice being dressed up, all my clothes were natural fabrics, reclaimed and hand dyed, and I even wore heels. I felt good.

Thanks sus, the two days spent sanding and painting plinths was worth it. And yes Petrus did set the work out to its best advantage.

Thanks Lisa, amazing how some nice clothes can make you feel good. There are some photos of my new works coming here in the next few days.


Patricia said...

I am thrilled for you with this exhibition and for what looks to have been, a lively opening celebration!

Annette said...

Hiya T, well done and congratulations on the hard work. Looks fantastic.

Velma said...

huge congratulations. what an elegant setting for your thoughtful work.

Deb G said...

Oh how wonderful!

T said...

thank you patricia, annette, velma, and deb g. I appreciate your comments.


kaiteM said...

congratulations, your work looks monumental.

T said...

thanks kaite had not thought of monumental, but yes I agree.

Helen Suzanne said...

the pieces look fabulously displayed. wish I could have been there!

Sandra said...

congratulations Teresa! your own exhibition, that must be a very special thing. A lovely place to show your art!