Jun 7, 2011

Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award 2011 take 2

Must admit that I have been preoccupied with exhibitions and other important issues lately.  I have had to neglect my art network and blog due to these other pressing priorities.  One of them being that it is only 9 degrees C here today and I need to keep wood on the fires and may be off the internet again this week when I have to start the generator later today.

I do hope that all know that I am looking forward to having a look at your blogs as soon as time and electricity situation here permits.

Here are the photos that I promised from Wangaratta Contemporary Textile Award Exhibition.

I admit that the photographs here are not very good, and now realise that I did not photograph enough of the beautiful work at this exhibition. If you want to see these artworks in better detail  then they are all beautifully represented in the Exhibition Catalogue that can be obtained from the Wangaratta Regional Art Gallery for $11.00.

 From left to right.  Tide by Cecillia Heffer, Every Darkness brings a new Dawn by me, and the winning entry 8.9  by Patrick Snelling.

Another view of same artworks from above

mise en abyme by Julie Montgarrett

 The Wanderlust by Adriene Kenafake

Fence by Rodney Love in the front, with part of  Wave by Gabriella Hegyes in the left of the photograph, and  with #5 From Drawings to Field Work by Sujora Conrad directly behind.

 Cocoon #10 by Carmel Wallace

genes/jeans by John Parkes

 Heartache by Catherine O'Leary with Catherine conducting her floor talk, and with Metallic Sun-Orchids by Karen Richards brilliantly catching the flash light on the right.

Cascading Black and Tan by Ian McKinnon with Ian doing his floor talk, with Text-ile by Mandy Gunn on the wall in the background.  And part of Ride a Wild Pony by Jennifer Bartholomew on the right.


yvette said...

i"m in love with your piece of art and the title.
miss you!

kaiteM said...

It looks like a very high quality exhibition, there are some excellent artworks there, thankyou.
we've also had very cold weather here today, -6 o'night and max of 8 during the day, with winds of ice. But - worse is to come so i hear!

T said...

thanks yvette

yes kaite, very high quality art works. my photos are really not that good but it does give you and idea of the high quality of works on display in this exhibition. Bbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr good day for inside stuff.


jude said...

keep warm....

T said...

sure will jude



Els said...

Thanks for showing.
Hope you stay a bit warm and cosy....

Two Tigers said...

What a great selection of works, yours included, T! Thanks so much for sharing this insider's view!

Tammie Lee said...

looks like a wonderful exhibit
wishing you warmth, light and electricity.

T said...

thanks els, gabriella, and tammie lee.


dorie said...

me too Teresa, I'am not that often at the computer any more, due to holidays, organising some workshops and a fashionshow and some fysical neck-problems. But I have read most of the posts now and you have been working very hard. It's just a pity that some of your photo's from the exhibition were not showed on my screen. Very poetic title, I like it when you make me thinking... hugsD